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Our busy lives often make us want more than just 24 hours in a day. We are so involved in leading our fast paced lives that we tend to forget certain simple things which would benefit us to lead a healthy life. Continue reading >>

The easiest form of exercise is to laugh. In this article we share various ways you can use 'Hasya-yoga' and lead a happy life! Continue reading >>

Meet the ever vibrant Soha Ali Khan as she talks of workouts, food and a career. Her irrepressible energy and vivacity comes from being completely at ease with herself. And...From being in love! Continue reading >>

You can live better, lose weight in a healthy way and feel good from inside out. Like the idea? Find out how. Continue reading >>

As your belly grows during pregnancy, your center of gravity shifts forward, which can cause you to lose your balance or strain your lower back. Yoga has several exercises or postures that work wonders on a woman's health and in pregnancy conditions. Continue reading >>

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