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These days, everyone has a lot on their plate. But multi-tasking and managing several roles can leave you stressed and tired. Here's how you can handle the situation. Continue reading >>

Learn about a non-invasive therapy to train the brain that improves overall mental and emotional health. The therapy has been used by certified clinicians and therapists for over 25 years across the world. Continue reading >>

We often read about how to boost our self-esteem. But can there be a flipside to having a robust sense of self? A report in Scientific American argues that self-esteem is mostly irrelevant for success and can even lower our chances for it. It does have benefits, but it may leave us emotionally ill-equipped to handle life's disappointments. Continue reading >>

There are many ways to put more play in your day, and surprising reasons why you should. The number of grown-ups heading to playgrounds, signing up for Laughter Clubs, or accompanying their children to kiddie movies is growing by the day. And if you ask the experts, it's giving them a health boost. Life without fun and games isn't just dull, it's downright unhealthy. Continue reading >>

Life begins when we start breathing and ends with our last breath. Yet, most of us do not know the beneficial effects of breathing well for health and vitality. It is surprising how we give importance to diet, exercise, fitness, etc. Continue reading >>

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