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All of us at some stage in life have experienced the feeling of being famished without reason. The panting and palpitation are common things amongst all urbanites! Basic movements like walking also seem like a lot of activity just because we're not used to it anymore. We laze on our cosy couches, and get things done at the click of a button. Continue reading >>

What if someone told you that starting your day with a cup of tea, biscuits, or bread and butter is the worst thing you could do to your heart? Surely you would ignore that person and their unsolicited advice. But no matter how much you try to escape the truth, it won't escape you. Continue reading >>

In our daily lives, we come across many situations, people, events, occasions, or things that do not please us or our heart. Since we're social creatures, we're expected to ignore our feelings and do things as per the norms, be it at work, home, or social gatherings, right? Continue reading >>

Just like the colours around you to make you feel happy and active, a variety of colours in your food would also keep your heart happy and at its best. Nature has given us numerous foods with lovely natural colours that are meant to be included in our diet to help increase our overall nutritional quality. Continue reading >>

With Halloween just around the corner, everyone's thinking parties and more parties! But how do you keep your health quotient intact too? The best way to have a healthy party is to be a health conscious host or organize a party keeping health in mind. Continue reading >>

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