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This Diwali, with a little conscious effort, we can indulge and stay healthy at the same time. Little tweaks and alternatives can take you a step closer to feeling great! Continue reading >>

Diwali makes us get out of our routine lives and brings in a festive change! Usually at this time, we end up ignoring our workout routines and have plenty of excuses to console ourselves. But did you know that there are ways to keep fit in the everyday things that you do during these festive days? Continue reading >>

All you need to know about what causes exhaustion and how to get back your energy. Continue reading >>

Laughter is the best medicine. It helps reduce stress, burn off calories, improve digestion, stimulate the appetite, control blood sugar and keep you heart healthy. Continue reading >>

Winter is just around the corner and comes as a welcome relief after the long and harsh summer. But the cold brings along its own share of problems. The reasons are obvious, as the cold and dry air takes away every bit of moisture from your skin leaving it chapped, flaky, dry, and itchy. Continue reading >>

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