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Q.  i have given up sweets ,but having a mango or other fruits will make my losing hard?

No, you can have mango early morning to enjoy it without adding to your weight..

Q.  I am 5'-6" , my wt is 83 kg, I want to reduce ...How Best and Fast but without effecting energy,,, I am 64-1/2 yr old young man

its great to see at this age also you are being health conscious.. keep it up!! you need to start with brisk walks daily for 45 mins. eat small meals every 2-3 hours, have a carb and protein rich breakfast like oats/ragi porridge, idli, dosa etc, salad along with lunch and have 1 roti with veggies, dal, buttermilk, have healthy snack in the eve like sprouts/egg whites etc. have salads, soup for dinner along with grilled nonveg/ sabji/ stir fry. drink lots of water, rest well

Q.  pls. tell which food has omega 3??

Fish , flaxseeds, walnuts have omega 3 fatty acids

Q.  hi neha! can we mix oats n besan to prepare chillas for breakfast??

Yes you can :-) you can also add rice flour/ nachni paste to make it more healthy.

Q.  hi neha,i am mom of 7 month old weight is 56 kg..i want my figure as before pregnancy?is it possible??what we can do to look slim like before pregnancy?

hi.. you can definitely get your pre- pregnancy figure back.. you just need to focus on yourself..go for a brisk walk for 1 hour every small meals every 2-3 hours, avoid fried and sweets..have loads of salads, fruits and nuts. reduce roti/rice intake at night, drink lots of water.

Q.  my friends wedding is coming up in a week, do suggest a diet for me to look fab for the occasion :)

It is the wedding season and everyone wants to look just need to eat a balanced diet with more of fruits, salads, nuts, buttermilk, coconut water and 1 hour of daily brisk walk to help blood circulate and there youll be ready for the occassion

Q.  1.) We are strict Vegetarians - Jains. We would like to know the source of Vitamin BComplex - B1, B2, B12, Foilc Acid. 2.) Foods to overcome acidity ?

b1 is found in all cereals like wheat and other grains, beans / dry fruits, green leafy veggies etc. b2 is found in milk, eggs, dairy products,green leafy veggies,nuts, legumes etc. b12 is found in non veg foods like meat, chicken, eggs, milk and milk products, shell fish etc folic acid is found in green leafy vegetables like spinach, methi, broccoli, legumes, beans,sunflower seeds etc. to avoid acidity you need to avoid a number of foods like fried, sweets, spicy, maida, processed and junk foods.. sometimes people also feel acidity due to milk and wheat..replace wheat with brown rice, jowar, bajra etc

Q.  it is total normal, then i rest totaly, i exercise daily, i control in my food but my blood pressure is not reduse so what can i do ?pl tell me

you need to cut down your salt intake, junk foods, processed foods, packaged foods etc.. do regular exercise and do yoga as well to reduce bp.

Q.  i hav read about health benefits of cracked wheat but when is the best time to have it? also cud u giv me a short recipe on the same as to wwhich form shud it b included in n what should be complemented if taken as breakfast thanx

you can have cracked wheat for breakfast as dalia/ porridge with slim milk.. or for lunch as a savory preparation... you can pressure cook it with veggies and dal to make a wheat khichdi out of it.
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