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Q.  Recently (in May) I suffered from severe jaundice (Serum Bil 18.6, SGPT 3150). Still I am not able to digest little of oil in my food. I had already lost a Kidney 32 years ago at the age of 21. Then I lost Gall Bladder in '98. Pl advise correct diet

you need to completely avoid fried, fatty and oily food in your need to eat fruits, boiled veggies, rice, roti, low fat curds and paneer.. drink lot of water.. eat small meals every 2-3 hours as large meals can cause stomach pain

Q.  Hi , I had c-section last year. My son is nw 15 months old. Will you pls provide me a good diet plan and exercise to reduce my belly and weight.

go for brisk walks daily for 45 mins and 15 mins ab exercises like crunches, reverse crunches, plank small meals often like every 2-3 hours, healthy breakfast like oats/ ragi porridge/idli/poha etc..fruits and nust for mid meals, eve snacks like egg whites/sprouts/chana chaat/moong bhel..salads with lunch and for dinner avoid rotis and rice.. have soups, salads and veggies/ grilled non veg..drink lot of water.. rest well..

Q.  hmm hello..!! i jus wanna ask u dat.. which foods must be taken for the thickening of hair??

you need to eat a balanced diet like fruits, nuts, raw salads, green leafy veggies, eggs, chicken, fish, sprouts, dals curds etc..drink lot of water..

Q.  hi! my name is raman-age-27yrs old nd ht. 5.4" wt has gone to 86 kgs but nw i'm 73 kgs nd i want to reduce atleast 10 kgs more as soon as possible but nw my wt. is stuck aftr so many efforts....i do running in morning for 1 hr nd 1 hr aerobics

i think your weight is stuck due to cardio.. you need to shock your body by doing some other form of exercise like weight training and follow a low fat regime..avoid carbs for dinner.. am sure you will do well..

Q.  I have heard about something called as 'Water Therapy'. Could you explain what is it? What are the pros and cons of taking it?

Water Therapy by it's name itself means therapy through water. If you want to follow it, you must start by drinking 1.5 liters of water as soon you wake up. This must be drank without stopping and then you should not eat or drink for 45 minutes. It is known to cure lot of health problems like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Heart Problems, Constipation, etc. It also aids in weight loss and body cleansing.

Q.  Hi Nehaji, I am 46 yrs of age. In a span of 1 year, i have developed larger work involves more lesser movement. i dont eat much though. i am overweight, am 93 kgs for 180 cms height. pls advise. thx Pls advise corrective measu

you need to start with brisk walks 5 times/ week.. eat small meals every 2-3 hours, oats / ragi porridge for breakfast, fruit for mid meal, salad with lunch along with 1 roti and veggie, sprouts/ egg whites for eve snacks, salad soup and veggies/ non veg for dinner.. avoid rotis at night.. drink plenty of water.. sleep well..

Q.  which type of food increases tryglisrides in our body?

All type of fats like butter, ghee, oils, fried and junk food increase triglycerides in our body, even refined carbs like maida, sugar, etc. in excess.

Q.  hi wat should i do to gain weight,since m underweight

you first of all need to start doing weight training to increase muscle mass and eat meals every 2-3 hours.. have high carbs and high protein diet like bananas, rice, rotis, potatoes.. eggs, chicken, fish, sprouts, paneer, curds, milk etc.. you can have milkshakes, corn salads, potato salads.. you need to eat little more than your appetite.

Q.  Hi, Neha, I just want to know which food helps us to keep liver health and strong. which food we should avoid.

You need to eat fruits, salads, veggies and drink lot of water.. avoid fried and junk can take wheat grass juice/ amla juice early morning

Q.  Hi, Neha, I am 32 Yrs old working professional with PSU. I am 5.8 in height but according to my height am only 62 kg approx. how can i improve my weight as am a continuous involved in sports (badminton) on thrice a week. help me out.

hi.. first of all.. you are playing badminton which is a cardio activity which will never let you put on weight.. you need to do weight training in the gym for atleast 3-4 days/week.. eat meals every 2-3 hours little more than your appetite..have more of carbs like bananas, rice, potatoes etc.. and one protein item in each meal like eggs, chicken, fish, sprouts, paneer,milk etc.. you can also have a weight gainer which is available in the market.
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