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Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition (ISSA),
Exercise counselor

If you have any questions about your diet, food habits, nutrition and any health and fitness related topics, please feel free to ask me here.


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Q.  I really love eating rice but I want to lose weight. Will avoiding rice completely help me?

Instead of giving up on rice completely, replace your white rice with their brown alternative. Not only does Brown Rice have better vitamins and minerals but also the fiber and selenium found in brown rice can reduce risk of many types of cancer. Above all, it will keep you full while burning the fat!

Q.  what diet we should follow to prevent heavy hair fall

Eat fruits, nuts, salad, protein rich foods like eggs, chicken, fish, sprouts, paneer, etc. If it persists, you could try changing your shampoo and consulting a good hair doc.

Q.  i am a diabetic person with weight 88 and height 5'4. what is the proper ratio of food i should consume and help me with a diet plan

You can do weight training and cardio on alternate days. Eat high fiber foods like salads, jowar/nacnhi rotis, nuts etc. Have small meals every 2-3 hours like oats porridge/ oats dosa/ ragi dosa/ idli for breakfast, fruits, nuts, sprouts, egg whites as mid meal snacks, salad with lunch, have soups, salads and veggies/ chicken/ fish/ stir fry for dinner and avoid rotis and rice at night. Drink lot of water. Sleep well.

Q.  Any rules to follow during and after brisk walk?

you just meed to wear the right kind of shoes, carry a napkin, bottle of water to keep sipping and stop if any hurt or unbearable pain..drink lot of water post walk

Q.  what is the proper time and process of amla juice take? i take around 12 o' clock noon in my office with warm it right process?

amla juice can be taken in the morning empty stomach..and dont dilute it in water.. have it as it is

Q.  hello mam, I am a sales professional, i spend most of my day on field, please suggest some easy to get healthy food or equivalent to get

you can carry snacks with you like fruits, nuts, chana kurmura, bhel, khakra, sprouts, egg whites also get a host of meal replacement options in the market which you can choose from..

Q.  Hi,tell me some exercises for heaht shoulder and upper arm.

you can do arm rotations, lateral raise, front raise, over heard press with weights..
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