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Q.  hello. i m 33 and mother of two kids....i want to loose my current weight is 70kg....and i want to loose 15kg....plz suggest me some diet plan....thank u

start with 1 hour brisk walks/30 mins stair climbing,skipping, swimming small meals every 2-3 fruits, nuts, salads, sprouts, chana kurmura etc.. have salad before lunch..avoid roti/rice for dinner.. have soup, salads, veggies/ chicken/ fish/ low fat paneer.. drink 2-3 cups of green tea..drink lot of water..

Q.  Hi, Facing hair loss problem off late, can u please suggest what type of food can be added in diet?

Q.  hi, i am male 32 years, weight 51 kgs, need to put on weight without exercise suggestion required.

you can read this article..

Q.  i want to loose weight till may. my present weight is 90kg. what can i do for fast results?

You can't lose weight from just one area, please read: For overall weight-loss start with atleast 1 hour walk/ dance/ jog/ need to eat small high fibre and protein meals every 2-3 hours.. start your day with green tea and fruits, sprouts in the mid morning, salads 1 roti veggies dal for lunch, chana kurmura/ bhel for eve snacks and avoid rotis and rice for dinner.. have soups, salads, veggies/stir fry, reduce oil consumption, avoid fried and sweets and drink lot of water..get good sleep..

Q.  i m fat fron my lower part wht type of diet i hve to take so tht i can get a gud figure

Hey, you cannot spot reduce. Please read this article: Otherwise, you can do 30 mins walk and 20 mins stair climbing..have fruits and nuts in the morning, sprouts for mid morning, salads 1 jowar/ragi roti veggies dal for lunch, egg whites/ chana kurmura for eve snacks, soups, salads, veggies/ chicken/ fish for dinner.. skip rotis or rice..drink plenty of water, 3-4 cups green tea/day and rest well..

Q.  Hi , Can a diabetic consume 5 Grain Biscuit

Hi Yashveer, Britannia NutriChoice 5 Grain biscuits are sweetened with Honey. Although it contains natural sugars, it is sugar none the less. You can instead try out our Diabetic Friendly biscuits, i.e Britannia NutriChoice Oats and Ragi NutriBix. You can also have NutriChoice Diabetic-Friendly Multigrain Roasty as snacks. These products are scientifically created for you to help control blood sugar levels. For further help pertaining to Diabetes, find us on Facebook: Stay Healthy, Team iHealthU

Q.  how can I get a flat stomach in 15 days?

Hi Sameena, You have not put on weight on your stomach in 15 days so you cannot lose it within 15 days. You need to give it time. Start with brisk walks/ dance and some ab exercises daily. Eat small meals every 2-3 hours like fruits, nuts, green tea, salads, bhel, sprouts, egg whites etc. Have salads pre-lunch and dinner. avoid rotis/ rice for dinner. Have soups, veggies, chicken/ fish. Drink lot of water. Join the iHealthU Program 'Get in Shape' for daily tips on how you can lose weight. Read our article, Yoga for a Flat Tummy here: As for your diet, you can check out for many low-calorie healthy recipes. You can download a seven-day diet plan from here: Stay Healthy, iHealthU Nutritionist

Q.  Hi,i am batminton player.what kind of food may i eat.

you need to eat a healthy breakfast like oats/ ragi porridge eggs, fruits, nuts as mid meals, salad brown rice/ jowar/ ragi rotis for lunch veggies dal, sprouts/ sandwich for eve snacks and dinner similar as lunch.. you can take additional whey protein to prevent excessive muscle breakdown..

Q.  How to lose belly fat in 7 days?

You cant lose it 7 days just like you havent put it on in 7 days... Start with exercise like 1 hour walk/jog or dance/swim or do weight training. Eat small meals every 2-3 hours.. have oats/ ragi porridge/ idli/ dosa for breakfast, fruits, nuts, sprouts, egg whites etc as mid meals. Salads and 1jowar/ ragi roti for lunch, for dinner keep it light like soups, salads, veggies/ grilled non veg.. Avoid rotis at night.. drink lot of water.. Don't forget to sleep well..
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