Neha Chandna Dietician, Nutrition Educator,
Exercise Counselor
M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management,
Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition (ISSA),
Exercise counselor

If you have any questions about your diet, food habits, nutrition and any health and fitness related topics, please feel free to ask me here.


Recent questions

Q.  Hi, Iv just started on a exercise routine and I'm losing in inches - I know coz my clothes have become loose but not in kgs coz i sometimes also gain on the scale. Why is that ? Is that good ? When will I lose in kgs as well

As long as you lose in inches, it's fine. Don't worry, sometimes due to increase in muscle mass you do not lose in kgs. Relax, you're on the right track! :)
My Work Experience
Food and Health is the matter of interest for most of the people today and realizing the need to create awareness and spread the right information to the society, Neha decided to extensively educate herself in the field of nutrition.