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Q.  Hi Neha , i need to maintain my weight and pls suggest good diet if i go out and have food in the hotel or outside , my weight instantly increase 2-3 kgs next day , pls suggest me on this To give you a background i reduced 25 kgs in last 2yrs

You need to choose food smartly. Opt for salads, soups, non-fried starters, low-fat gravies, dosa/pav bhaji without butter, etc. Avoid fried foods and sweets completely. Drink plenty of water and exercise the next day for 1 hour.

Q.  Hi . My name is Samiksha. I am 25 years old. I am working in evening shft(4 - 2 am) due to this,I have gained 12 kgs. Also i have irregular diet intervals includes rice and bread a lot. Sugst me sme measures please as per my shft timing .thnx.

You need to take out 1 hour for exercise everyday. Go for walks, go to the gym, or do some stair climbing for 30 minutes. Carry healthy snacks with you like fruits, nuts, chana kurmura, sprouts, egg whites. Eat small meals every 2-3 hours and salads pre meals. Drink plenty of water.

Q.  I feel very hungry every evening and end up eating 1/2 samosas OR chaat OR something unhealthy. Can you please provide me a tip to avoid the same and suggest some healthy snacks for evening. Also what is ideal time gap between dinner and time to bed

Healthy snacks include idli, dosa, bhel without sev, wholewheat sandwich, sprouts salad, chana chaat, etc. You need to eat dinner at least 2 hours before sleeping.

Q.  Hi, Iv just started on a exercise routine and I'm losing in inches - I know coz my clothes have become loose but not in kgs coz i sometimes also gain on the scale. Why is that ? Is that good ? When will I lose in kgs as well

As long as you lose in inches, it's fine. Don't worry, sometimes due to increase in muscle mass you do not lose in kgs. Relax, you're on the right track! :)

Q.  I want to increase my hieght more 5 inches.I am 17. What kind of diet shall I have to help me achieve my goal?

You need to do activities like pull-ups, swimming, basketball, etc. and eat a healthy balanced diet with fruits, nuts, salads, milk, eggs, oats, grains etc.

Q.  i am tytpe 2 diabetic since 8yrs with no complications. i am taking GP2 1-1/2 @nite and 1 in the morning. i am46yrs, is it advisable to go to gym, and if so, pls advice me what kind of exercise do u advice.

Yes you can go to the gym. In fact exercise is very good for diabetics. You can do weight training and cardio on alternate days, but make sure you eat a good meal like sandwich/idli/poha 1 hour before you go the gym so that your sugar levels do not fall drastically.

Q.  Hi Neha, I am 24 (f), and 5.4 and wiegh 64 (which is overweight). I am thinking of trying out the GENERAL MOTOR diet. Please suggest, if its good and what precautions should i take while working out, as ill be a little weak while the dieting phase?

Please don't go for a GM diet as you will only lose water, muscle, and bone mass. Instead, follow a healthy lifestyle pattern. Don't lose weight at the cost of your health. Start with 1-hour exercise daily like brisk walks, stair climbing, jogging, dancing, swimming, etc. Eat small high-fibre and protein meals every 2-3 hours, oats porridge/oats upma/idli/dosa for breakfast, fruits, nuts, salads, sprouts, egg whites, chana kurmura for mid meals, salads before lunch, 1 roti, veggies, dal, buttermilk for lunch. Reduce dinner to soups, salads, veggies/chicken/fish. Avoid rotis or rice at night. Drink lots of water and sleep well.

Q.  hi. i m 17 .i m facing pimples problem from last 3 years.what to do.

It is very common at your age. You need to drink lots of water, eat fruits, nuts, salads and avoid junk food completely. Sleep well.

Q.  Hi, I am 27 and my weight is 89 kgs, height is 162 cm. COuld you suggest me a proper diet and excerise plan to attain 55 to 57 kgs?

Hi Litty, you need to be around 58-60kgs. For that you need to start with exercises like brisk walks and weight training alternate days. Eat small meals every 2-3 hours, oats porridge/ragi porridge/idli/dosa, etc. for breakfast, fruits and nuts for mid meals, salads pre lunch and dinner, sprouts/egg whites/moong bhel as evening snacks. Avoid rotis/rice for dinner. Keep it light like soups, salads, veggies/grilled chicken/steamed fish/tofu/low-fat paneer, etc. Drink lots of water. Sleep well.

Q.  i want to lose weight. can you provide me diet chart which suit to present weight is 68kg and my height is 5'2"

you need to start with 1 hour brisk walks daily, eat small high fiber meals every 2-3 hours..oats/ ragi porridge for breakfast, fruits/nuts/ sprouts/egg whites/ chana kurmura/ sprouts as mid meals, salads with lunch, light dinner like soups, salads, veggies/ grilled non veg, avoid rotis/ rice at night.. avoid fried, sweets and junk.. Take omega 3 capsules daily. Drink lots of water.
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