Biscuits and snacks constitute a very important part of our daily intake.
We might have our dietary controls set for the meals, but we tend to overlook
the good or bad a particular snack could do to our health.

Britannia NutriChoice provides you with a range of snacks
and NutriBix which are inherently healthy yet do not compromise
on taste and come with a promise of

adding goodness to your lives.

kuch healthy khao

Kick start your day with Hi-Fibre!

Prepare your tummy for the entire day with Hi-Fibre Digestive NutriBix –
your daily source of fibre
, and give it a power packed dose of Hi-Fibre.
Fibre helps smoothen the functioning of your tummy and aids the
digestion process. Grab a bite and feel fibre-fine all day!

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Mid-Meal snacking that enriches.

Fight those mid-meal hunger pangs and get energized
with the goodness of 5 Grain NutriBix – Your ideal in
between meal snack!
It's the best way to charge
yourself up anytime of the day.
Oats curb the bad cholesterol.
Corn takes care of the heart.
Ragi enriches with calcium and fibre.
Wheat provides the dose of energy and
Rice keeps it low fat.

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Any time hunger buddies

Crunchy, light and neutral to taste, the NutriChoice Crackers are ideal accompaniments for any time of the day. They are exactly as nature meant them to be and are made of whole wheat, contain no trans fat or preservatives. Be it the Classic Lite Crackers or the Nature Spice Crackers - which contains the goodness of Ajwain and Jeera, they are ideal for a quick yet nutritious bite during a busy day and work excellently with tea.

The much needed Cheat Code!

Can't resist temptations like Pani Puri? No worries!
Use the Arrowroot CHEAT CODE that keeps your
stomach strong for such indulgences and fights the
harmful toxins out from the body!

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Everyone deserves some Goodness!

NutriChoice believes in adding goodness to everyone's lives no
matter what. The 'Diabetic Friendly' Essentials are a range of NutriBix
specially designed for diabetics, as NutriChoice believes
that instead of just living with diabetes, one should befriend it!

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Hello Diabetes, Let's Be Friends!

NutriChoice thinks half the work in diabetes is lifestyle
management. Not fighting the cookie cravings, but managing
it by using other power foods like Oats and Ragi. Who knew
sugar level upkeep could be so tasty!