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Every human being has a different threshold to different situations and reacts in different ways. We all love feeling happy, in love, excited, elated, etc., but life is not a cake walk. The society we live in exposes us to many negative emotions, which are not pleasant and disturb our inner peace. Continue reading >>

Everyone faces stress in his day-to-day life, be it an executive who carries his company on his shoulders or an employee who struggles to achieve his targets, a housewife who looks after every minor thing around her except for herself or a child who needs to be competent enough to be better than his peers. But that doesn't mean we have to give in and let it affect every part of our life, our body and mind. Continue reading >>

The concept of chanting mantras or prayers has been a tradition in many cultures from times immemorial. Chanting is the continuous repetition of mantras, which are words that uplift your soul. They create vibrations in your spirit and free you from worries. When we chant mantras, we purify our mind and thoughts, which helps reduce negative feelings like anger, frustration, fear, agitation, depression and help us turn inwards. Continue reading >>

We love the onset of winter after the bright, scorching pre-winter heat. The cool breeze, night chills, warm clothes, hot spicy food, etc. makes us love the winters all the more. But many of us also come across this sudden low feeling called winter blues as the winter progresses. Continue reading >>

In our daily lives, we come across many situations, people, events, occasions, or things that do not please us or our heart. Since we're social creatures, we're expected to ignore our feelings and do things as per the norms, be it at work, home, or social gatherings, right? Continue reading >>

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