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Bored with aerobics and cardio exercises that don't motivate you anymore? Then you need to try something that is a more fun, exciting, and calorie-burning kind of a workout. One workout that perfectly fits all the above criteria is Zumba, which is a relatively new thing among fitness freaks. Continue reading >>

During weight training, muscle cells break down and repair by increasing in size, so as to handle the same or more overload again, thereby leading to increase in muscle mass and strength. As muscle mass increases, BMR also increases (muscle being an active tissue), which aids in burning fat as well, giving you a leaner and toned look... Continue reading >>

Fitness has multiple facets these days. Various ways of workouts, equipments, instruments etc which confuse you as to which one to choose. But why complicate the scene when working out can be a simple affair. Continue reading >>

Meet Kumud and Siddhant Bhansali, who changed their relationship with food and as a result, with each other. A shift in life, both in terms of location or an event, can result in a dramatic change. It happened to Kumud when she Continue reading >>

Do you have 'core' confidence? You will after this wonder workout, which will melt off 5 inches from your waist and nearly 4.5 kg in six weeks. Burning fat is a confidence booster. You feel happy and your fit body allows you to wear anything Continue reading >>

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