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2013 has almost ended. With the new year just around the corner, the first thing that comes to our minds is making a New Year's Resolution. But how many of us actually follow through with it till the end? Continue reading >>

Each workout includes a power move that adds a cardio element such as small jumps to strength moves, so you burn more calories while building metabolism-revving muscle. Do 20 reps of each exercise 3 times a week using 2.5- to 5-kg dumb-bells. Each toning routine takes less than 10 minutes, so blast some fun tunes and get to it! Continue reading >>

Pilates is the new form of exercise that has gained a lot of fame in a little time amongst celebrity and fitness enthusiasts. But sometimes people wonder if it really is that awesome or it's just overhyped. The truth is that it's an excellent form of exercise for almost everyone. It's a mindful way of exercising, which means that the mental focus is on the physical movements being performed. Continue reading >>

Thanks to the diverse cultures in India, we have a host of festivals to celebrate. August to December are the most festive months with festivals lined up one after the other. With so many things to do, so much of tempting unhealthy, fried, and sinful food around to eat, how can one maintain health during these months? Continue reading >>

Shape up and keep fit with this energetic form of yoga. Artistic yoga is a fast and dynamic form of yoga developed about 12 years ago, when yoga hadn't earned the cult status it has in urban India today. Continue reading >>

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