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Who doesn't want a waist like our Bollywood actresses and a toned body like pop singers. But unfortunately, our genes are such that we need to work hard to achieve them. And our poor lifestyle, wrong eating habits, lazy attitude, etc add to the fat content in our cells. Continue reading >>

Always a chubby kid, I had a very active and happy childhood in Libya. We moved back to India when I was 13. It was after a bad case of jaundice that had me on bed rest for 4 to 5 months, that I started gaining weight. My appetite came back with a vengeance and I ate like there was no tomorrow. Continue reading >>

Start your day with this fat-burning routine to lose that extra flab sitting on your body. Preventing weight gain in appetite revving winters is now easy. Here are the multitasking body-weight moves that combine cardio and strength training for a metabolism-boosting workout that you can do anywhere. Continue reading >>

The latest flat-belly fix: kettlebells. A new study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise found that using the weighted orb boosted participants' core strength by 70% after only 8 weeks. The kettlebell's odd shape distributes weight unevenly, so when you swing it, you automatically engage your core to keep proper alignment. Continue reading >>

Jeans, as much as they conceal, also accentuate your belly and butt bulges. Whether it's due to skipped gym sessions, a sedentary job, or that extra piece of cake, a twinge of constriction reveals that you've gotten off track. When this happens, embrace it instead of sulking and moping about it. Don't beat yourself up, think of tight jeans as no more than a gentle nudge to start taking better care of yourself. Continue reading >>

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