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It took Radha Sharma all of six months to lose the kilos she wanted to. Today, she is not just slimmer, but calmer and happier. Continue reading >>

It's summer, the time of the year when we dread stepping out of the house because of the scorching sun. The thought of going out is so killing that we can't even think of going to a park or the beach, forget going to the gym to work out. Continue reading >>

Working out is fun only if the result is flattering. For this we need to push ourselves, which is easy if you are practising under an encouraging instructor. When it's just you and your iPod, it can be pretty boring and chances of giving up are quite high. Continue reading >>

The last time we met Mandira, she had just gotten back into shape after the birth of her baby. What began with a run on the beach when one day the new mom decided to step out and shape up, has developed into a strict fitness schedule that has helped her regain her energy and strength. In less than a year, the 22 kilos she had gained during pregnancy melted away. Now that she's comfortably settled with her toddler, Mandira continues to work hard and at 41, feels fitter than ever. Continue reading >>

Hormone upheaval. Slow metabolism. Late childbirth. High paying desk job. If any or all of the above have caused your belly to become a rounder, puffier version of your stomach of yesteryear, we have good news. You don't need to work out harder or longer to get a flatter, stronger core, just smarter. Continue reading >>

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