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Don't have time to work out? Just spare 10 minutes a day for these short toners and get in shape! Continue reading >>

Isha's outing in Bollywood came with Kisna and Luck By Chance, a few years ago. More recently, she was widely adored on the popular reality TV show Jhalak Dhikhla Ja (JDJ) Season 5, where she ended up as one of the top three contestants. As the lead dancer of the Daksha Seth Dance Company, she travels widely, though home is where her heart belongs. Here, Isha Sharvani shares with Prevention how dance has made her fitter, happier and calmer. Continue reading >>

We love restorative yoga (derived from Iyengar yoga, it uses props to help hold every asana with ease), but considering it involves a lot of lying around in supported positions, we don't typically associate the relaxing classes with weight loss. Continue reading >>

You do your share of exercise and try to keep an eye on your diet. If you are serious about being fitter than ever, it's time to start right away. We spoke to top experts around the country and chalked moves to get you closer to your goal. Continue reading >>

A toned and tight lower body requires just a 10-minute workout, a little personal resolve and... a chair? Sounds unbelievable? But when you combine the toning of yoga, the corseting power of Pilates and the sculpting benefits of ballet barre work, the results are amazing. And they happen fast. Continue reading >>

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