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In the last blog post we introduced you to what super foods were. To recap, superfoods are the foods that are high in nutrients and antioxidants and really low in their calorie content. Here are 4 superfoods that are really healthy for you. Continue reading >>

The word 'dieting' has gained much importance in the past few years. But, very few of us realize that the word "DIET" has a much deeper meaning than just weight loss. Continue reading >>

Learn to exercise right with these tips from our in-house nutritionist and start your journey to fitness. Continue reading >>

This post is an extension to yesterday's post on putting together a game plan to meet your goals. Today, we cover the goals Hit the Gym and Shed Kilos Hit the Gym 1. Renew your gym membership. Get a trainer. (Sometimes, it's spending money on membership that motivates you to hit they gym everyday.) 2. Pack your gym bag and keep it where.... Shed kilos 1. Weigh yourself right now. This is your starting weight. 2. Figure out how much you need to lose per day. E.g. my goal is to lose 4 kilos in 40 days.... Continue reading >>

It's fun browsing through Buddy Profiles and reading what different buddies are up to. We've noticed one thing in common. Even though everyone has selected a specific health goal, the activities you are actually posting about are very general. For e.g. say X's health goal is eat healthier. X's iHealthU moments should then be "bought a packet of non-sugary cereal," "cooked poha for breakfast," "joined a healthy vegetarian cooking class." Instead, we're seeing "went for a jog". It's great that you're being healthy! But you've come here to commit to one goal. So focus on that goal. Write out a gameplan, and stick to it. Continue reading >>

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