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It's almost the end for this year too, and with Christmas and New Year parties lined up, you need to take care of that extra fat before jumping into sexy outfits. The best way to look fit and fab in these costumes and make everyone's head turn at these parties is to work out your problem areas. Continue reading >>

All of us at some stage in life have experienced the feeling of being famished without reason. The panting and palpitation are common things amongst all urbanites! Basic movements like walking also seem like a lot of activity just because we're not used to it anymore. We laze on our cosy couches, and get things done at the click of a button. Continue reading >>

With the rise in social activities and immense stress, crime rates have shot up extensively since the past few years. But there is a way to prevent yourself from being a victim of these incidences and that is learning the art of protecting yourself. Continue reading >>

From the innocent age to adolescent phase lot has changed in our lives. We are getting more and more affectionate towards virtual gaming or getting trapped in the gimmicks of fast food culture, as a result we tend to put on extra kilos. Continue reading >>

Happy days are back again. After the scorching heat and exhaustion of the cruel summer sun, it's time to heave a sigh of relief with the cooling water pouring outside our window. But, not to deny that it also brings along with it a whole new lazy attitude which doesn't let you be too physically active the way you are on a bright sunny day. Continue reading >>

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