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As your belly grows during pregnancy, your center of gravity shifts forward, which can cause you to lose your balance or strain your lower back. Yoga has several exercises or postures that work wonders on a woman's health and in pregnancy conditions. Continue reading >>

You can live better, lose weight in a healthy way and feel good from inside out. Like the idea? Find out how. Continue reading >>

In the mood for some inspiration? Read on as Preeti Kapoor shares her weight loss story with us! Continue reading >>

Don't let the monsoon rain on your parade! If you've just got a great exercise routine started, keep it going, find other ways to burn those calories and keep in shape this season. Continue reading >>

What would be the best way to manage mild high blood pressure? Do you take pills to prevent it from going further up, or are there other measures? Continue reading >>

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    asked on: 10 Jun, 2013
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    asked on: 15 Apr, 2013
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