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Read how running brought Reena Chengappa and Athreya Chidambi together, twice over. Continue reading >>

When fitness and healthy living become a family mission, the pay-offs are bigger and better. Read the inspiring stories of people who have proved just that. Continue reading >>

Television star Shweta Tiwari is in top shape despite long and gruelling hours of work. She stays active minus the gym routine and tells us how! Continue reading >>

There is an old saying 'survival of the fittest'. But today we can say it as 'performance of the fittest'. In this fast pace life with ample of competition, stress, ambitions, opportunities we need to perform at our 200% to achieve our dreams be it big or small. It is the fittest who can perform and survive the pressure. A body, mind and soul balance is what you need to get there and a good balanced nutrition plays a very major role preparing you for the best. Continue reading >>

It's easy to forget the things we don't see. But our bones are too important a thing to forget! What do you do to keep them healthy? Learn some tips here as our Nutritionist takes us through the options. Continue reading >>


Calories - 62 kCal

Calories - 126 kCal

Calories - 90.9 kCal