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We often hear people say that they work so much during the day that they are left with no energy or desire to do household chores or go to the gym. You can escape going to the gym, but you can't neglect your daily household chores or look down on it as some lowly job. Doing housework is no less than a workout! Continue reading >>

I have to admit that the compliments I receive have been my biggest motivation to continue to work on my body. It's a huge deal when teenagers say that I could pass off as a college-goer! I can carry off every outfit with confidence and I no longer shy away from the camera. I became a chartered accountant at age 21, which meant all work and no play. I got a job at an MNC, which is synonymous with long work hours Continue reading >>

She's easily one of the fittest stars in the Mumbai film industry today. Jacqueline Fernandez has worked very hard to get the body she walks in. We reveal the secret of how she got this fit and fab. Continue reading >>

I love food! I always did. And nothing could've come in the way of my butter chicken, my sweets and my cola-with-every-meal. Not the kilos I was wantonly piling on. Not my kids telling me to take it easy and do something about my weight. Not my husband's repeated pleas. Continue reading >>

Exercise, as we all know, is one of the most integral part of being fit and healthy. But despite knowing this fact and having a strong desire to work out, do you really get the time to give your bodies just 1 hour from your hectic daily routines? Continue reading >>


Calories - 62 kCal

Calories - 126 kCal

Calories - 90.9 kCal