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How great and important would you feel if someone cared for you, your health, and your wellness? Such is a good partner and companion who cares for you more than themselves and is ready to go to any extent to see you fit and happy. Continue reading >>

Poor choices in snacking can make or break it. Sangeetha Hinduja, 49, from Chennai, found out the hard way. She has regular meals now, the same as she did before she decided to lose weight. She hasn't changed her dinner time either. "It's not possible to gather my family together for dinner before 9.30 pm," she says. Continue reading >>

Get inspired by real life stories of women who shed flab and got back their confidence and energy. Hyderabad-based Surekha Kurian, 34, had tried to shed weight several times by walking but the improvement was marginal (1 kg in three months). In January, 2010, her doctor informed Surekha that losing kilos was not going to be easy since she suffered from PCOS Continue reading >>

Babies can touch their feet to their head with so much ease! As we grow older, we are unable to do that. This is because as we age, our muscles naturally lose their strength and suppleness and become stiffer, leading to aches, pains, and immobility. Continue reading >>

Let's face it, with a boom in the corporate society and jobs in front of the computer all day long, we are compelled to sit at one place for hours. Be it the pressure of completing your targets or attending nail-biting meetings which last for 4-5 hours, you are forced to sit for 10-12 hours in total Continue reading >>


Calories - 62 kCal

Calories - 126 kCal

Calories - 90.9 kCal