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Staying healthy can feel like so much work. However, there are plenty of small moves that you can make in your everyday life that will have big health benefits. We've rounded up 15 practically zero-effort ways to fight disease, whittle your waist, lower stress and more. Continue reading >>

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Weekend till now has always been a day meant to relax, meet friends, try out new restaurants, or just watch a movie or TV at home. But shouldn't you use this time to do something different, unusual, and fun to learn Continue reading >>

Every culture has it's roots in Music and Dancing for a reason - everyone can relate to it. The difference is to only realise which one is your calling. Continue reading >>

Are achy joints slowing you down? The latest medical advice may surprise you. Read on for new, expert-approved ways to give those knees some relief. Continue reading >>


Calories - 62 kCal

Calories - 126 kCal

Calories - 90.9 kCal