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It's a gadget-obsessed world, and it's the ultimate reason for our lazy and sluggish attitude. With the rise in new technology, there's been a proportionate rise in our inactivity. Thanks to touch, button and voice commands, we don't even need to move our butts to get our work done. Continue reading >>

Since the time we're born, we are kind of spoiled by our moms. They practically do everything for us, be it cooking, cleaning, washing, organizing, and even making our bed (what a shame!). And they do it to the extent that we get into the habit of not even getting up to get a glass of water ourselves. Continue reading >>

When we hear of the word 'exercise', we only think of it in terms of cardio or weight lifting, especially with the aim of losing weight or building muscle. Rarely do we think of it as improving our body balance, core strength and posture for a better body structure. Continue reading >>

Let's go down our childhood memory lane. Do you recollect elders calling you names like 'jumping jack', 'restless brat', 'fidgety' and more? That was because as children, we were a powerhouse of energy and would use it up by moving our bodies to its maximum potential, i.e. running all over the place. Continue reading >>

Winter has officially begun; we can feel chills in the morning air. The most difficult thing to do during this time is to try getting out of bed and setting out for work or getting started with your routine chores. With the low mood pulling you down, you just wish you could lie in bed all day Continue reading >>

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