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If you haven't yet embraced supper berries, do it now. Health experts across the globe are recommending these flavourful fruits for great health and some surprising benefits. Continue reading >>

Including a good amount of veggies and fruits in your daily diet helps you gain strength, improve vitality and to protect your body and mind from diseases. Continue reading >>

'I ate too much for lunch so I'm going to skip dinner and work out for 2 extra hours' If you are guilty of saying this multiple times, you're in for a grand awakening. The fact that we punish our body so and get into a habit of doing this each time we eat too much, we get into this vicious cycle. We do lose weight as expected but gradually the weight loss slows down and you reach a plateau where your weight doesn't budge no matter what you do. The 'starvation mode' has now claimed you. Continue reading >>

Pregnancy does not mean eating for two anymore. You do need that extra nutrition but it is no longer advisable to eat for two. A nutritious diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, pulses and cereals is what one needs to keep in mind while eating during pregnancy. Continue reading >>

It's a simple fact, that we are as healthy or unhealthy as the food we eat. Nutrients from nutritious food are key to our health and performance. What can you do to give your body more nutrition than it currently gets? Find out here. Continue reading >>