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The age old saying "you are what you eat" could not be truer when it comes to eating to look and be healthy. Being the strongest argument for natural beauty, the philosophy behind it is actually quite basic. A nutrient-rich, healthy diet calls for just a few simple, healthy changes in the way you eat. Continue reading >>

Why experts across the world are stressing the importance of Vitamin D. When it was discovered in 1920, Vitamin D was found to be crucial for bone health. However, with recent studies showing that Vitamin D receptors are found on tissues throughout our bodies (not just in our bones), this vitamin may be playing a major role in many organ systems. Continue reading >>

When it comes to weight loss, calories count, but so does the clock. People who eat their biggest meal earlier drop more kilos even when they follow similar diets, according to new research in the International Journal of Obesity. Continue reading >>

Our food choices change with every season, and it's quite natural. When we feel hot, we go for foods that cool us down, and when it's cold, we instantly choose hot foods. But more than the temperature of the food, it's how the food affects our metabolic rate that matters. Continue reading >>

The most important part of losing weight and keeping it off is to listen to your body. Only if your body could talk, life would be so much easier. We all wish it could just say what it needs. Although your body doesn't have an oral language, it does communicate. Continue reading >>