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Some nutrients rise when cooked, while others fall. To heat or not to heat? Continue reading >>

Your body water levels drop so quickly in summer that you wouldn't even realize when you're already dehydrated. Blame it on the sun or the heat, but you need to find a solution to rehydrate yourself nevertheless. Water is obviously the best bet hydration, but you need to make up for the electrolytes you lose in the sweat too. Continue reading >>

Are roasted nuts nutritionally as good as raw ones? The answer is yes. In fact, you might even absorb more nutrients from them because they're easier to digest, say nutrition experts. Include almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios in your daily diet. Continue reading >>

Have you felt exhausted lately while climbing the stairs or extremely weak and fatigued even on a normal day? Then you need to check your iron levels. Many a times people blame it on improper food intake, lack of sleep, work overload, etc. But they miss out on the simplest reasons for feeling tired, that is, lack of iron in the body. Continue reading >>