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Eating is a simple and natural activity meant to nourish our body. But as the saying goes, 'Too many cooks spoil the broth'. We have too many people trying to give gyaan about food and diet. And with time, we have become victim to so many fad diets that we've forgotten our inborn art to eat healthy. Continue reading >>

Winter is a pleasing and refreshing time of the year, but along with it comes an unwanted voracious appetite, which becomes a task to deal with sometimes. No matter how much food we eat, we seem to be hungry in no time. Is it because we think we need extra fat to protect us from the cold winds? Continue reading >>

So you've finally decided to stick to your healthy diet and lifestyle regime and not put a morsel of junk in your mouth? Oh but you just remembered that tomorrow is your boss's birthday party and Saturday is our friend's farewell party! Continue reading >>

When people think that it's high time to do something good for their health and body, they pick a date to start a healthy diet plan and indulge in their favorite foods till that date. When the start day arrives, they bid goodbye to the junk by indulging in them for one last time Continue reading >>

We live in a world where looks (read size 0) is more appreciated than being curvy. People get obsessed with their goals of becoming thin and follow crash diets. They forget that they need to eat healthy to help their body perform at its fullest. Continue reading >>

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