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Written by Neha Chandna - Dietician, Nutrition Educator, Exercise Counselor with an M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management from SVT. She has worked with corporates such as HDFC and Standard Chartered as well as BPOs and MNCs on the Right ways of eating and living!

Since the time we're born, we are kind of spoiled by our moms. They practically do everything for us, be it cooking, cleaning, washing, organizing, and even making our bed (what a shame!). And they do it to the extent that we get into the habit of not even getting up to get a glass of water ourselves. To top it all, there's all this laziness-inducing technology. Everything happens at a click of a button or the tap of a touchscreen. Even at work, you see everyone chatting away with their colleagues... on chat applications. We don't even bother having a nice little face-to-face conversation with our colleagues! We spend most of our day sitting on our chairs while the maid brings us coffee or takes away our empty cups.

People have developed a misconception that an hour of exercise a day is enough to make them super fit. The fact is that it's just the minimum required exercise. Maybe this misconception is what's encouraging them to let the sedentary lifestyle go on as it always has and not do much about it! Petty activities taken for granted, nutritious and wholesome food, and sweaty exercise is what gives you the results you are expecting. Let's talk about the first one.

You might assume that engaging in small, unsubstantial work will give you nothing. But that's just because you don't see the results as quickly as you want. Gosh, how impatient are people these days? Doing small chores at home or the workplace can help you burn a great deal of calories everyday. More than that, it also keeps your muscles, joints, and ligaments in their best ever condition and thus prevents cramps, aches and weakness. It's all about mentally conditioning yourselves to recondition your bodies by indulging in petty work.

Let's see what you give a miss everyday that could actually make you fitter:

  • Making yourself a cup of tea/coffee: It can be quite a boring task to do first thing in the morning, but more than the beverage, the process of making it will make you up.

  • Cooking a dish: If not daily, then maybe once in a while try chopping, cooking and serving a dish all by yourself without any help. It can turn out to be a great activity and it gives you a sense of fulfilment by bringing a smile on people's faces.

  • Washing dishes: Try washing your own dishes instead of having the domestic help do it.

  • Shopping: Online shopping is the new in thing, but our age old sabzi market is what nostalgia is made up of. Get out there and do some grocery shopping. You won't regret it.

  • Dusting: It's always good to keep your home neat and tidy and even better if you have a hand in doing it. Kills two birds with one stone.

  • Cleaning your closets: Do you have your clothes falling out of your wardrobe as soon as you open it? Take some time off and get it sorted; it can be a good workout in itself.

  • Washing your car: A car is everyone's priced possession and what better than pampering it sometimes by giving it a good wash, right?

  • Cycling: This is an ecofriendly way to reach your destination and obviously a great way to get some activity in your life. Your car has had the wash of its life, so it won't mind ;)

  • Talking: Instead of pinging your colleagues, how about you walk over to their desk and bond with them in person? It also gives you a reason to get up from that chair you have glued yourself to.

  • Walking: It's always nice to be served by others. But if you want your body to serve you well in your old age, get up and get that coffee yourself. It'll help you stay young for longer.

  • Using the stairs: Whether it's the 10th floor or the 20th, avoid using the elevator to your home or office as much as possible. No better activity than climbing a flight of stairs.

  • This is enough to raise your activity levels by 20%. All you need to do is get some activity in your daily life with a conscious mind and you are all set to get fit.