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Laugh it off!


Written by Neha Chandna - Dietician, Nutrition Educator, Exercise Counselor with an M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management from SVT. She has worked with corporates such as HDFC and Standard Chartered as well as BPOs and MNCs on the Right ways of eating and living!

"Don't take life so seriously." This is such a common advice we hear from people around us. It's easy to say but difficult to implement. Especially with unending situations that put our stress meters up. Everyone faces stress in their day-to-day life, be it an executive who carries his company on his shoulders or an employee who struggles to achieve his targets, a housewife who looks after every minor thing around her except for herself or a child who needs to be competent enough to be better than his peers. No human being can escape the trap of stress. But that doesn't mean we have to give in and let it affect every part of our life, our body and mind. We need to cut cords from stress the minute we see it coming.

Signs of stress
  • Constant headaches

  • Anxiety and nervousness

  • Palpitation and heavy breathing

  • Excessively hungry or not hungry at all

  • Insomnia or disturbed sleep

  • Hairfall

  • Skin problems like acne, pigmentation, etc.

  • Extreme irritability and crankiness

  • Disinterest in everything

  • Lack of energy

  • In extreme cases, suicidal thoughts

  • As soon as you see any of these signs, it's time you understand you have to unwind and not let stress eat you up. There are a lot of ways in which you can just relax and be in your best spirits. Whenever you feel like you're stressed out, try doing these things:

  • Find your joker: We all have that one person in our life who completely makes us forget all our sorrows and helps us laugh and have fun. You need to reach out to that person when you see stress coming your way.

  • Smile: The best thing you can do in the worst situations is smile. It can be the most difficult thing to do, but frowning isn't going to solve your problem. So smile and let your happy hormones take over and. In no time, there will clarity in your mind.

  • Use technology: We all have smartphones these days and the best way to make use of them is to let them be your friend when you don't have one around. Search for jokes, comedy videos, or anything that can make you laugh.

  • Join a laughter club: Yes, it might look pretty silly to laugh without any reason every morning. But as they say, laughter is the best medicine and it's also contagious! When you see others laugh, you feel the tickle as well.

  • Pick good things from peers: There are a lot of people who hide their sorrows so well that you can't even judge what they're going through. Learn the art of laughing and joke around like them in every situation.

  • Play with kids or pets: They're the only ones who give you unconditional love and happiness. Being around them in itself is like therapy, which can disperse all your worries.

  • Opt for comedy: When going for a movie or play, choose ones that are light hearted and funny instead of sad and gloomy ones. It's your recreation time, so make the most of it to help yourself feel rejuvenated.

  • Laugh at yourself: It takes good amount of courage to laugh at your own mistakes. But when you make a blunder, be the first one to laugh at it! Do it and see how it lifts a burden off your mind.

  • Now you know that laughter is the best way to help you break the chains of stress. It helps release hormones which calm you down and think better, so that you can find the solution to your problem instead of brewing over it. It is always easier to find a way out when your mood is lighter.