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Get some balance on your plate


Eating is a simple and natural activity meant to nourish our body. But as the saying goes, 'Too many cooks spoil the broth'. We have too many people trying to give gyaan about food and diet. And with time, we have become victim to so many fad diets that we've forgotten our inborn art to eat healthy.

Just to have an attractive appearance, people opt for cruel means to lose weight, which is actually harming their body. Starving, liquid diets, cabbage diet, banana diet and many such unreasonable diets crop up everyday because propagators of the diets know that people want shortcuts to reach to their goals. And shortcuts can be quite dangerous. With diets that are not balanced or adequate in nutrients, what we get is unhealthy weight loss, muscle weakness and bone problems among many other issues.

If you really want to be healthy, and not just looking for weight loss, you should give your body what it needs:

  • Opt for natural foods like fruits, nuts, salads, veggies, sprouts, pulses, etc as these foods have enzymes, which help in digestion and absorption of nutrients that keep your metabolism going.

  • Eat with all your mind and soul. Eating is like meditating. When we eat food calmly, our cells feel loved and wanted and this helps them uptake nutrients better to heal themselves, which also prevents weight gain. So eat food with undivided attention. Switch off your phone, TV and any other distractions that may come between you and your food.

  • Chew while you have teeth. God has blessed us with a set of whites not to just show off our sweet smile but to extract the most minute goodness from our food. By chewing well, you help the enzymes work better on digesting the food, which prevents constipation, bloating, acidity and storage of excess fat.

  • Eat mindfully, don't be miserly. It's not a layman's fault that they believe all the extremely convincing information that goes around regarding food. But using a little common sense would do more good than harm. Always reconsider the food you put in your mouth. Junk and fast food once in a while is not bad, but in daily routine you need to keep these foods at a minimum.

  • Eat less to weigh less is biggest lie you would ever come across in your life. It's not about eating less food; it's about eating the right food in the right quantity. As we mentioned, every cell of your body depends on an array of nutrients to function well. By eating less you deprive your body of these nutrients and make yourself weak and more prone to diseases. Include a balanced diet like grains, fruits, nuts, dals, vegetables with minimum or no oil and sugar to see a great change in your energy, thoughts and body.

  • It is extremely important to understand that carbs, fat, calories, etc. are not 'unhealthy'. They're essential for our body to function. Carbs are the petrol for your cells without which your brain and heart cannot operate. Similarly, fat is a protector for your organs and insulator for your body. One single food or nutrient cannot do magic, there needs to be a combination of all the nutrients. A balanced diet gives you a balanced mind and body.