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Control your mind


Written by Neha Chandna - Dietician, Nutrition Educator, Exercise Counselor with an M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management from SVT. She has worked with corporates such as HDFC and Standard Chartered as well as BPOs and MNCs on the Right ways of eating and living!

We all love playing games on our gadgets or smartphones, don't we? Many of us are aware of the fact that every game has a cheat code and by applying these codes, the chances of winning are sure shot. Our mind too is the remote control of our body and it sends signals of hunger in the system.

In our routine, while looking at ourselves in the mirror, we make numerous promises like resisting ourselves from eating junk food and unhealthy foods. How much are we able to keep up with these promises is a story for another day. Isn't it?

But not anymore as we present the 10 best cheat codes to control your mind and body:

  • Everything is possible for me: In India, every nook and corner has a chain of restaurants serving junk food items like yummy sandwiches, chocolate shakes, caramel ice creams, pizza etc. Firm control on your mind and tongue is all you need. Be a strong believer that it could be the greatest aid in shedding off those extra kilos. Divert your mind by simply counting or do brisk walking. With a firm mind simply say 'stop' to your cravings. Reward yourself with small gifts when you meet your goals.

  • Aroma matters: According to research, good smells can help reduce negative emotions a lot. In many situations we tend to overeat due to stress or anxiety. This activity could help in sending positive signals to our mind, thus suppressing the urge of overeating. Use swap techniques, send signals to your mind say I'm full and can't overeat.

  • Eating Slowly: Avoid any kind of distractions during consuming your meals, take a smaller plate and try to eat slowly. Instead of quantity, keep your mind active in tasting flavours. Initially, it would be difficult, but gradually it will become a habit. Opt for boiled foods; a sprinkle of tasty flavours is allowed.

  • Maintaining diary is my necessity: If possible, try to maintain a diary of the food consumed. This procedure will be helpful in maintaining calories and following up with the necessary protein and vitamin intake.

  • Alert your brain to be active: Be it workplace or home, being active matters. Instead of using the tools of intercom, short messaging services for colleagues or family members, walk towards their cubicle for work. At home, after eating do not wand off to bed directly. Keep a considerable gap.

  • My body is dependent on hydration: Before every meal my body needs plenty of water, converting these instructions into actions could help suppress your appetite a lot and increase your metabolism levels.

  • Only little rest and childlike sleep can give me relaxation: In the society we may see many people around us who may be addicted to alcohol or several other addictions. More often the consumption rises during stress. Say no to this awful habit, resist! Your body can relax only if it has considerable sleep of 7 hours during the night. Leptin and Ghrelin are two hormones controlled by sleep and can easily decrease your craving for food.

  • Fill colours of positivity: Today I have no place for pessimism and nothing can stop me from achieving my goals and positivity. Every morning, reasonable time of relaxing and meditation can give your day a head start. Sharing your problems with closed ones is a good idea.

  • Triggering mind to erase everything unpleasant: Like games, even in our life we may face many obstacles like working for long hours, stress and may other occasions. The best thing to do is, recall all the good things and erase the bad ones. Good attracts good.

  • Zeal of fulfilling it into strategies: Focus in life is all we need; mediating is the best way to improve our focus levels. Try to think about only the positive things, dreams and desires to achieve all of them. Think of a great healthy body and it shall be yours just like the Aladdin's chirag.

  • Not just on papers, we need to follow the cheat codes in real life too in order to attain a healthy physique and sound state of mind.