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5 ways to a Healthy Halloween


Written by Neha Chandna - Dietician, Nutrition Educator, Exercise Counselor with an M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management from SVT. She has worked with corporates such as HDFC and Standard Chartered as well as BPOs and MNCs on the Right ways of eating and living!

With Halloween just around the corner, everyone's thinking parties and more parties! But how do you keep your health quotient intact too? The best way to have a healthy party is to be a health conscious host or organize a party keeping health in mind.

Pumpkin is one of the most commonly used food ingredient in a Halloween party. It has great health benefits as it is rich in fibre and also Vitamin A and C, which are great antioxidants. It also has B-complex vitamins, which help in energy production. It enhances immunity, reduces blood pressure and prevents heart problems.

Below are some ways to go about a healthy Halloween party:

1. Lay out salads: Salads form the main part of a meal as its fibrous and alkaline nature helps digest food better, fills you up. and stops you from overeating. You can use grated pumpkin over other raw vegetables to make it a Halloween-themed salad!

2. Sip on soups: Soups made with lot of veggies, chicken, and egg whites serve as great stomach fillers. You can also try making some yummy Pumpkin Veggie Soup. They are creamy, rich in fibre and help you avoid junk food.

3. Start it healthy: These make up a huge chunk of your meal and you land up eating a lot of it without realizing. To avoid getting fooled by yummy looking, fat loaded starts, make healthy starters like BBQ chicken/veggies, sauteed veggies with sauce of your choice, steamed fish with raw salad etc. Avoid fried and cornflour coated starters.

4. Minimum mains: Studies have shown that people tend to eat much more than their appetite when exposed to a buffet spread than otherwise. So make sure to keep a minimum variety of main course dishes. Opt for brown rice with low fat gravies / multigrain breads etc. Avoid using too much butter/cream/fat while cooking them.

5. Cut back on drinks: You end up adding a lot of fat to your body by constantly sipping on sugar-loaded aerated drinks/alcohol, which is the major reason for the post party bloating and heaviness one experiences. Sip on simple lemon water or nutrititious Pumpkin Smoothie and do not exceed alcohol limit of more than 2 drinks to still wake up fresh and active.