Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and here's iHealthU list of quick breakfast options under 200 calories! Not only are they low calorie but also really filling continue reading >>
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Start with shopping

Let's start with something we all enjoy- Shopping. Go for a quick shopping trip on your way back from work and pick up some essentials to start exercise on a happy note.

A few must-haves are:

  • Walking/Running Shoes
  • Yoga mat
  • Track Pants
  • Skipping Rope
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    I had this for dessert
    Instead of having something full of processed sugar or fat, I had a bowl of grapes for dessert!
    Tip by arzoo
    Home Cleaning
    Did the home cleaning from scratch.floors,kitchen counter,tables, every single thing was clean to its best.
    Tip by sushil
    Less engaged in office work after work hours
    At the end of every day, pick a ritual that calms you down effectively and sets the tone for the rest of your evening. So today, unwind for the day with these four things: Stopped work calls after office hours for toda. Take a minute to gather your thoughts - write down how the day went. Do something else- Read book or even just listen to music
    I am a Vegetarian. Don't show me any non-Veg food. already I mentioned in my profile.
    Just half an hour back I had Britannia Hy Fibre Nutrichoice biscuits 4 nos. then had coffee just now.Everyday if i am at home i have only tea mostly. This biscuit I love to have.