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Over the next 21 days, we will make you overcome your health challenge. Everyday you get a simple idea to follow. Do it our way or try your own! If you stick with the program, good health will be your buddy for life.

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How does it help?

Start the program by picking up a health challenge.

"I want to get slimmer, but i cant resist
Get daily Health tips: Today's tip said "Simply replace Cheese with Paneer."
Track your Progress:
I carried a healthy snack pack to office and updated my Program Tracker when I ate it.
Get Achievement Badges: My new badge really motivated me to stay on track for another week.
Take up another challenge:
Today I changed my challenge to "I want to get slimmer but I never have time to prepare healthy stuff."
Invite Friends : My buddies Malini and Jimmy joined the challenge and started their 21 day program.
Share your Health Tips with others:
I made a healthy Paneer Salad my way. iHealthU featured it and other members really liked it!

Finish your Program easily!

Today is my last day.Yippie! This is the first program I could ever finish.