About iHealthU

Being healthy is about making the right choices. It is about making a lifestyle change for the good. iHealthU is the platform to get you started. A gift from Britannia NutriChoice, so you can live a life of good health.

Just like the Britannia NutriChoice biscuits are aimed at providing you healthy eating options without compromising on taste or health, similarly iHealthU is aimed at providing you the perfect platform to start leading a healthy life, without compromising on your preferences, or routine.

No matter what your health goals, with iHealthU, you can overcome every health challenge and achieve them. Along the way you will get daily health tips, make health buddies and get expert health advice. All of this in a fun and easy way!

About iHealthU Program

by telling us your challenge
I want to
Get in Shape
  • I am addicted to Junk Food.
  • I find healthy food very boring.
  • I keep postponing my workouts.
Eat Healthy
  • I have a terrible sweet tooth.
  • I don't have enough healthy recipes.
  • I end up eating a lot of fast food.
Get Active
  • Most Workouts don't excite me.
  • I have very little time to exercise.
Live Stress Free
  • I don't get enough sleep.
  • I have a high pressure job.

Get Daily Tips

NutriChoice will send you an iHealthU tip to overcome the challenge every day.

Do it. Log it. Track it.

You can overcome your challenge either by following the iHealthU Tip or you can do it your way. Once, you have done it, come update the Program Tracker.

Stay on track and Confess

Every day we will remind you to stay on track. But in case you slip up, do confess by clicking on the "I sinned" button.

Earn Rewards

On the way WIN Badges:
Great Start Badge
After completing Day 1.
3 Cheers
For sticking to the program for 3 consecutive days.
For doing your daily activity your way atleast 3 times.
For spreading the word and convincing 3 buddies to join the program.
Yes U can
For updating your program tracker on 7 days.
You are a Saint Badge
For confessing that you sinned 3 times!
Go 4 Gold
For updating your program tracker for 14 days.
Trend Setter
If 3 other members do the daily activity your way!

Tackle Multiple Challenges

After 7 days, you have an option to pick another challenge to continue. But you can stick to the same challenge. So, you can tackle a maximum of 3 challenges in the 21 days, one at a time.
It is time to start your journey to good health.
and say "i Health U" to everyone!